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We offer many different type of Professional Insurance policies for many Business fields.

Professional liability insurance brokers.
Professional liability insurance brokers.

Professional Liability Insurance is the most requested policy type.

Owners of all professional fields providing services should always have a professional liability insurance policy (E&O or Errors-Omissions Insurance). This professional liability insurance coverage protects your business against malpractice, one or more errors performed by you or your employees, and possible claims for negligence to your customers.

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Here is a list of the professionals that we have insured.
Accounting & Auditing Services
Accounting, CPA & Tax Preparation Services
Actuarial Services
Acupuncture Offices
Advertising Agencies
Advertising Agency
Animal Hospital
Answering Service
Appliance Repair Shop
Appraiser – Automobile
Appraiser – Fine Arts
Appraiser – Personal Property
Architects & Architecture Services
Architects or Engineers (No Construction Supervision)
Architectural Engineers & Draftsmen Services
Architectural Illustrators
Attorneys & Legal Services
Attorneys’/Lawyers’ Offices
Auditing Services
Barber Shop
Barber Shops
Barber Shops – no hair dyeing
Beauty Parlor & Hair Styling Salon
Beauty Parlors and Hair Styling Salons
Bookbinding Repair Services
Bookkeeping Services
Buildings – Mercantile
Buildings – Office
Buildings – Others, including Manufacturing & Processing
Buildings (13+ units per fire rating division)
Buildings (1-4 units per fire rating division)
Buildings (5-12 units per fire rating division)
Camera and Video Equipment Repair
Camera Repair Services
Camera Repair Shop
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
Claim Adjuster – Independent
Coin-Operated Laundries (Attended) & Drycleaners
Commercial Photography Services
Consultant – Agricultural
Consultant – Audio
Consultant – Management
Consultant – NOC
Consultant – Structured Settlement
Consultant – Wedding
Consultants – All Other
Consultants – Management
Copying & Duplicating Stores
Copying & Stenography Services
Court Reporter
Day Spa
Dental Laboratories
Dental Laboratories & Supplies
Dental Laboratory
Dentists & Dental Surgeons
Diaper Service
Dietitians’ Offices
Direct Mail Advertising Services
Dry Cleaning and Laundries – Self-service
Dry Cleaning Plants or Laundries
Drycleaning & Laundry Services
Electrical Commercial Appliances Services
Embroidery Operations
Employment Agencies
Employment Agencies (Except Temporary Services)
Employment Agency
Engineers & Engineering Services
Engraving Shops
Formal Wear Rented to Others
Funeral Director
Funeral Directors
Funeral Homes Or Chapels
Funeral Parlors & Crematories
Funeral Services & Crematories
Garages & Gas Stations
General Office
Graphic Artists & Designers
Home Design & Planning Services (No Contracting/Construction)
Industrial Laundries
Industrial Laundries – Owner Occupies less than 75% or Lessors Risk Only
Insurance Agents, Brokers & Services
Interior Decorator
Interior Decorators & Window Designers
Interpreter or Translator
Laser Eye Surgery Center
Lawyers & Law Firms
Learning Center – Language
Learning Center – Language – Franchise
Learning Center – Reading
Learning Center – Reading – Franchise
Leather Goods & Luggage Repair Services
Letter Shop Services
Locksmith Shop
Mail Box & Packaging Services
Mail Box & Packaging Stores
Mailing & Shipping Services
Mailing or Addressing Services
Mailing or Packaging/Addressing Stores
Market Research Firm
Media Buyers
Media Duplication
Medical Billing Service
Medical Insurance Associations
Medical Office – Acupuncturist
Medical Office – Chiropodist
Medical Office – Chiropractor
Medical Office – Dentist
Medical Office – Optometrist
Medical Office – Other
Medical Office – Physicians & Surgeons
Medical Office – Physiotherapist
Medical Office – Speech Therapist
Mini Storage Warehouse
Mortgage Brokers
Music Studio
Musical Instrument Repair Services
Musical Instruments Repair Shop
Nail Salon
Notaries Public
Notary Public
Nutritionists’ Offices
Occupational Therapists
Occupational Therapists’ Offices
Office – Actuarial Services
Office – Acupuncture
Office – Answering Services
Office – Appraisal Services – Auto and Personal Property
Office – Appraisal Services – Farm Equipment
Office – Appraisal Services – Fine Arts
Office – Book and Magazine Publishers – No Printing
Office – Chiropractors
Office – Direct Mail Advertising Services
Office – Media Buyers
Office – Medical Billing Services
Office – Newspaper Publishers
Office – Patent Agents
Office – Resume Service
Office – X-Ray, MRI, Imaging
Office Cleaning Services
Office Furniture – Wholesale
Office Machine Inspection or Repair Services (Excluding Computers)
Office Machine Repair – Sop Only
Office Machine Repair Shop
Office Machines or Appliances
Office: Accounting/Bookkeeping
Office: Advertising
Office: Appraisal Firms
Office: Attorneys
Office: Condominium Association
Office: Dentists
Office: Drafting
Office: Employment Agencies
Office: Financial Planners
Office: Graphic Artists
Office: Insurance Agents
Office: Lessors Risk only
Office: Mortgage Brokers
Office: Optometrists
Office: Physicians
Office: Real Estate
Office: Title Insurance
Office: Travel Agencies (no tour arrangements)
Office: Word Processing, Secretarial Services
Offices & Clinics of Chiropractors
Offices & Clinics of Dentists & Oral Surgeons
Offices & Clinics of Doctors of Medicine
Offices & Clinics of Doctors of Osteopathy
Offices & Clinics of Optometrists
Offices & Clinics of Podiatrists
Ophthalmologists’ Offices
Optical Goods Services & Repair
Other Professional Offices
Packaging & Mailing Services
Patent Agent
Pet Breeders – Domestic
Pet Groomers
Pet Groomers – Domestic
Pet Grooming Services
Pet Grooming Services – Mobile
Pet Motel
Pet Training Services
Photo Finishing Lab
Photo Finishing Labs
Photocopying, Duplicating & Stenographic Services
Photofinishing Laboratories & Film Processing Services
Photographers Studios
Photographic Equipment Repair
Photography Studio
Physical Therapists
Physical Therapists’ Offices
Physicians & Surgeons, including Osteopaths
Physiotherapists’ Offices
Portrait & Photographic Studios
Printer / Quick Print Shops
Produce Brokers
Psychologists’ Offices
Public Relations
Radio & TV Repair Services
Radiology Laboratory
Real Estate Agency
Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Appraisers
Real Estate Sales – Commercial
Real Estate Sales – Residential
Recruiters, Executive Placement Firms
Religious Reading Room
Retirement Planning Services
Sewing Machine Repair Shop
Shoe Repair & Shoeshine Services
Shoe Repair Shop
Shopping Centers
Speech Therapists
Speech Therapists’ Offices
Stenographic & Secretarial Services
Stenography, Typing, Court Reporting & Word Processing
Strip Shopping Centers: no restaurant exposure
Strip Shopping Centers: with restaurant exposure
Sun Tanning Salon – Property Only
Tax Preparation Services
Tax Preparer
Telemarketing & Research Services
Telemarketing Firm
Television and Radio Set Installation or Repair
Ticket Agencies
Ticket Agency
Title Agency
Travel Agencies
Travel Agency
Typewriter Sales & Service Store
Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service
Veterinarian/Veterinary Clinics, Offices & Hospitals
Videography Services
Watch, Clock & Jewelry Repair Services
Wedding Consultants
Word Processing, Typing & Resume Services
X-Ray or Imaging Laboratories

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